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Boozer Confirms Report On Broken Hand

From, Carlos Boozer explains his broken hand:

With his hand heavily bandaged, Boozer met with reporters at the Berto Center Sunday night after practice and confirmed the freak accident. He said he’ll have surgery Tuesday morning and predicted he’d return “stronger than ever.

“I was in my house and came around the corner, the doorbell was ringing and tripped over a bag,” Boozer said about the bag of clothes he’d had with him while staying at a hotel early in camp before going to his home. “I put my arm down to try to brace myself. I broke my fifth metacarpal, the pinky one. I’ll get surgery Tuesday and do my rehab and conditioning and be around the guys.

“The good thing is at least it happened right now and not later in the season when we’re in the thick of things.

It is indeed, to get heavily cliched, a bad break for the Bulls. But, as Boozer says, he can be back in early December and not miss too many games.