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Derrick Rose: Ready For Prime Time TV

The Bulls' Derrick Rose is already one of the top stars in the NBA.


But now, according to Luis Arroyave's "About Last Night" column in the Tribune, he's going to make a "special appearance" in the CBS prime-time series "The Good Wife":

"The Good Wife," which stars Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth, takes place in Chicago but is filmed in New York. Other notable names who have made an appearance on the show include Michael J. Fox, 'iCarly" star Miranda Cosgrove and former Clinton adviser Vernon Jordan. ↵

↵Bulls spokesperson Sebrina Brewster said in an email to the Tribune she could neither deny nor confirm Rose's appearance on "The Good Wife."

↵↵And no word either on whether Rose will be playing himself. As long as this doesn't take his focus away from playing basketball, good for him.↵