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Bulls' Carlos Boozer Progressing After Hand Surgery

Carlos Boozer got an update from team doctors about the status of his broken right hand, and liked the news, according to K.C. Johnson:

Boozer said he has a date in mind for his return, but wouldn’t reveal it. The original team prognosis estimated a six- to 10-week absence, which would place Boozer’s return in late November or early December.

“Everything is right on schedule, perfect,” Boozer said. “The bone is healing up nicely, according to the doctors.”

The two-time All-Star power forward, whom the Bulls signed to a rich contract this summer, broke his hand early this month when he fell on it after tripping on a bag on the floor of his home. Thus, Chicago will have to wait a while longer before deploying their first legitimate, back-to-the-basket scoring threat in over a decade, but it certainly sounds as though Boozer will be back soon enough. In his absence, the Bulls will rely on Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, and perhaps Luol Deng to absorb his minutes.