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Boozer's Injury Story Prompts Buried Suspicion

Funny thing about conspiracy theories: When they make just enough sense to be plausible, they can gain traction. Fast. That seems to be the case with Carlos Boozer's hand injury.

Buried in an Oct. 9 column by Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News is some brief verbiage indicating the Chicago Bulls organization is looking into whether Boozer's injury explanation -- that he tripped over a bag of clothes while answering the door to his home on Saturday, Oct. 2 -- holds any weight.

Why would the team doubt Carlos? Because he's headed to divorce court to seek a dissolution of marriage from his wife, Cindy (a.k.a. CeCe). It hardly takes a wild imagination to tie a broken hand to a broken marriage. And if Carlos can't control his emotions off the court, and he's capable of inflicting injury on himself, should the Bulls have signed him in the first place? Could a release be in order? A trade?

Some fans have reacted to the notion that the Bulls could be following up on the veracity of Boozer's pinky tale as a good thing. After all, given the amount of money and years involved (about $75 million for five years), perhaps the team should conduct some additional due diligence on a player with a history of injuries and lost playing time.

Other fans think the Bulls should simply butt out. And if you believe writer Sam Smith, the team has done precisely that. Buried in his Oct. 11 column, is a simple yet effective dismissal of the whole brouhaha:

Forget the internet blather about the Bulls investigating Carlos Boozer’s injury. Just another media fabrication.

It seems like all of this talk of a divorce-enraged Carlos Boozer slamming his poor unsuspecting, fifth metacarpal into a wall requires a shovel, or at least a search engine and deft use of the Ctrl+F function, to unearth. And, in turn, that tells us here at the Deep Dish that maybe we should just look forward to No. 5's delayed arrival on the hardwood and not look backward at this unfortunate incident.

Get well soon, Carlos. We need you this season.