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NHL lockout: Blackhawks swear allegiance to player's union

The Chicago Blackhawks players sported NHLPA jerseys at their practice on Wednesday to show unity and support

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

The members of the Chicago Blackhawks and all the NHL players are showing unity and support of the NHLPA at their practice session on Wednesday. The players wore NHLPA jerseys that read #THEPLAYERS on the front shoulder where a captain's "C" would normally go, as well as along the lower back of the jersey.

Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp told Comcast Sports in Chicago the meaning behind the jerseys:

"We're just trying to show everyone we're unified, we're proud to be part of a great union and we're doing all we can to get this solved."

Sharp went on to say that although they are still proud to be Blackhawks, the NHLPA is their team right now. The players hope the inclusion of the hashtag will help the NHLPA connect with its fans in the ongoing labor dispute.

The jerseys aren't specific to Chicago and the Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene tweeted out a picture of his jersey: