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NHL Lockout: Jonathan Toews Understands Fans' Frustration

Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews is just one of many frustrated by the NHL's latest lockout.

In just the fourth day of the lockout, the league cancelled all September preseason games, leaving most teams with just two exhibition contests scheduled in early October.

While the players and owners go back and forth looking for more money, the fans sit at home waiting and hoping that a resolution is near.

Toews understands the fans' frustration, and discussed the lockout with CSN Chicago.

"People in Canada really understand what's gone on the last 18 years or so since (Gary) Bettman's been commissioner and the repetitiveness of these situations," Toews said. "People in Chicago, especially are more disappointed. Look at the last five years and how great hockey's been in this city and the energy it's brought. People are scared we're going to miss the season and that we're not going to see hockey. Even if it's an 80-game season instead of 82, it's disappointing. There's no reason to go to that point."

Chicago's regular-season schedule is set to begin Oct. 13 in Chicago, against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Unless talks resume at a rapid pace, the first wave of regular season games could soon be in jeopardy.

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