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NHLPA Releases Video Appeal To Fans During NHL Lockout

The third lockout of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman's tenure has been in effect for a full day now. It went into place at midnight on Sunday morning, when the NHL and NHL Players' Association couldn't come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement. The two sides actually were not communicating near the deadline (which was set by the league), as they figured they were too far apart.

As it stands, the players are not getting paid and the teams cannot use their image for anything. Play is suspended until the two sides can come together. As is the usual case, both sides have started their PR war and as part of their side, the NHLPA released a video to appeal to fans, featuring players talking about playing and the large downside to the lockout.

A video like this, while definitely meaningful and containing plenty of truths from the players, is mostly meant to get the fans angry at the league. The players are pinning all of the blame on the owners and the league in general, with the general message of "we just want to play." Still, it's a two-sided lockout at this point, though with Bettman's track record, it's easy to take the side of the players in this video.

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