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NHL Lockout Update: Sides To Meet Wednesday And Thursday

The NHL and NHLPA are scheduled to resume negotiations Wednesday in Manhattan.

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Talks between the NHL and NHLPA haven't been going well, but the two sides are scheduled to meet again on Wednesday and Thursday in NY as they attempt to avoid a lockout. The two sides have not engaged in formal talks since Aug. 31. The NHL plans to lock players out if a new deal is not in place before the current collective bargaining agreement expires on this Saturday, Sept. 15.

The key dispute between the players and owners still appears to be salary reduction. The owners are pushing for immediate cutbacks in salary, while the players are looking to see their share of the revenue gradually rolled back.

The NHLPA has turned north when challenging the lockout, contending that a lockout in Quebec (Montreal) is not legal due to the fact that the NHLPA is not a recognized union there. They've also appealed the league's request to the Alberta labor relations board for a supervised lockout in that province, and the league withdrew it's request for the supervised lockout on Tuesday.

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