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Marian Hossa Injury Update: Hossa Believes He Will Be Ready For Training Camp

Chicago Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa appeared at the Chicago Blackhawks 2012 Players Convention, and told the gathered crowd and media that he thinks he'll be ready to take the ice whenever training camp begins. That said, Hossa stressed that he hasn't been on the ice since he was knocked out by Raffi Torres of the Phoenix Coyotes, and won't be able to tell how ready he is until he takes some contact.

Hossa was in good spirits on Friday, though, which is a turnaround from where he was in the weeks immediately after his injury.

"I'm back here for the first time, talking to you guys, and I feel much better," said Hossa, who received a deafening reception from fans at the opening ceremonies later Friday afternoon. "It took a long time to just come back. After some point, I tried to do some things, started working out, and things are on the level of where I wanted to be. I'm happy where I am so far."

(via CSN Chicago)

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