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Mike Haviland Fired: Chicago Blackhawks Assistant Coach Relieved Of Duties

The Blackhawks parted ways with Mike Haviland on Tuesday.

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On Tuesday afternoon, the Chicago Blackhawks announced that assistant coach Mike Haviland has been relieved of his duties. Haviland spent four seasons as an assistant with the team and also spent time as the head coach of the team's AHL affiliates in Norfolk and Rockford.

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Part of Haviland's job in Chicago was working with the special teams, which were a disappointment in 2012.

Adam Jahns provides some additional info:

Kitchen is another assistant on staff.

SB Nation's Blackhawks blog, Second City Hockey, is concerned about what this move might signify:

This is where the intrigue begins. Haviland was not Quenneville's hire. He was here when Q got here. Mike Kitchen, which most of the hockey world agrees is a complete boob, was Quenneville's hire. And he's still here. Haviland is not. Also, the big rumor around the organization was that Haviland was the next one in line whenever Quenneville hit the bricks.

Who pulled the trigger here? Is Q clearing out his successor to once again stake out his territory? Did Stan do this? Did he allow it? Why would he allow Q to make another assistant hire after he pretty much fowled up the first one? Is Stan going to install an assistant? Will Q stand for that? None of what I just wrote makes me feel any better.

For updates, stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago. For more in-depth coverage, head over to Blackhawks blog Second City Hockey. And for more news and notes from around hockey, visit SB Nation's NHL news hub.