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Raffi Torres Suspension: Torres To Miss 12 Games Next Season

Phoenix Coyotes winger Raffi Torres was suspended for 25 games earlier in the playoffs after a brutal headshot on Marian Hossa that has left the Chicago Blackhawks star concussed and with the future of his career very much in doubt. The suspension started immediately, but as Chicago has turned to focus on Hossa's recovery, the Torres-less Coyotes continued to play on, reaching the Western Conference finals. But they were eliminated from the playoffs last night by the Los Angeles Kings, thus notching a demarcation in the timeline of Torres' suspension.

With the Coyotes having played 13 games since Torres was docked, he wil be forced to miss the first 12 games of next season, as pointed out by Chris Johnston of the Canadian Press. Johnston also calculates that Torres will lose a close to $260,000 as a result of the continuing suspension.

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