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Jonathan Toews Car Accident: Blackhawks Center Reportedly In Downtown Chicago Car Wreck

The Chicago Blackhawks star center, Jonathan Toews, was reportedly in a car accident in downtown Chicago Thursday afternoon. Images of the wrecked Mercedes Benz first began appearing on the blog Selfish Indulgence, showing Toews' car smashed against an L support beam.

Eyewitnesses to the crash confirmed that it was indeed Toews, according to CBS Chicago:

"I saw his car in the pole," Theron Banks, an employee at Steak Express said. "I came out. People were everywhere. Toews was in the ambulance. People were videotaping and taking pictures and trying to get autographs, but police said they couldn’t get autographs."

Toews was already scheduled to miss Thursday night's game with a concussion, but this latest event may lengthen his stay off the ice if he receives any lingering injuries.

Stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago for more news as this story develops, and for in-depth analysis on the Chicago Blackhawks, be sure to visit Second City Hockey.