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SB Nation Chicago Podcast: The Blackhawks Are Back, Baby

On this week's edition of the SB Nation Chicago Podcast, Ricky, Bobby and Z.W. talk about the Chicago Blackhawks. Topics include: the current four-game winning streak, our favorite '90s hockey players, the stellar play of goalie Corey Crawford and the struggles of star wing Patrick Kane. The conversation eventually devolves into Ricky and Bobby praising Rajon Rondo. Podcast following the jump.

Table Of Contents
00:00 Intro - Chachi Deng and other high pitched noises
04:15 Blackhawks talk begins
06:50 Corey Crawford: dominant?
07:50 Quenneville
09:35: Schedule easy or hard/our favorite '90s players from those teams
10:25 "Mighty Ducks"
12:20: Dylan Olsen Skeetsism
14:00 Penalty kill problems
15:00 Ryan Miller for Patrick Kane
17:00 Best player on the Stanley Cup team
18:10 Toews concussion
20:00 HOSSA
22:05 RONDO
22:25 BOBBY kills the podcast
23:05: Rondo hockey position?
23:15: Rondo best sport?
24:15: Rondo finest hour?
25:30: Rondo birthday/all-star
26:30 People who make more money than carlos boozer
26:55: Rondo points by bobby
27:30: Bobby tells Blog-a-Bull to "suck it"
28:10: A new nba player to hate?
29:10: Mike Miller = white trash?
30:25 Later, bro

Intro: "Get Lite (Tobacco Remix)" by Anti-Pop Consortium
Outro: "Countdown" by Phoenix


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