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Patrick Kane back in Chicago, hopes to stay there

The Blackhawks winger is back in Chicago as his Swiss team goes on a break, and he's hoping the NHL lockout can be solved before he has to return later this month.

Jonathan Daniel

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane was back in Chicago on Wednesday, and he said that he's hoping the NHL lockout is solved before he has to go back, according to CSNChicago's Tracey Myers.

Kane has been playing in the Swiss league while the lockout has dragged on, and the league just started its winter break. It seemed like the end of the lockout was near last week, but the deal between the NHL and NHLPA fell through. Despite that, though, optimism appears to be rising that the season may be saved, and it may be saved soon:

"It’s tough to tell, to be honest with you with the whole thing. I was getting texts last week telling me ‘Pack your bags.’ So I’m not going to speculate anymore until someone tells me it’s done," Kane said after practice. "But it would be nice not to have to go back Sunday, stay here and get ready for a training camp."

Kane's Swiss team, HC Davos, is set to play for the Spengler Cup starting on Dec. 26. If he goes back to Switzerland, he apparently will not be accompanied by his mother, who famously spent the past few months living with him. His girlfriend will be the one going with him if there's a return trip this time.