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Jay Cutler injury: Chicago Bears QB sustains 6th concussion

Jay Cutler suffered his sixth documented concussion on Sunday night, a total that has to have the Bears concerned as the second half of their season progresses.

Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago Bears dropped their second game of the season on Sunday night, but the biggest concern coming out of the loss to Houston was another concussion sustained by quarterback Jay Cutler. It's the sixth time Cutler has had a concussion in his career, this one coming from a huge shot by Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins that instantly drew a flag. Kevin Seifert of ESPN did the quick math on Cutler's career concussion count, noting that he's suffered three in the NFL and six total in his playing career.

Adding to the concern is the fact that Cutler continued to play after the hit and wasn't ruled out until after he was examined in the locker room at halftime. Jason Campbell played the entire second half and was 11 of 19 as the Bears offense sputtered and failed to reach the end zone.

Cutler's status going forward is now uncertain, but with such an emphasis placed on head injuries in recent seasons, expect the NFL, and the Bears, to proceed with extreme caution. The fact that it's his sixth documented concussion should only add to the hesitation about his availability and status. The Bears will have an extra day before their next game, a Monday Night Football showdown in San Francisco against the 49ers.