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NHL lockout: No real progress made in talks

Both sides have met for the past week, with no progress made towards a deal.

Jonathan Daniel

The NHL and NHLPA met for the past week in New York, including three times on Friday, to try to end the lockout. Tracey Myers of Comcast Sports Net Chicago reports there was little or no progress made during those negotiations.

The most recent development is an accusation that NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr didn't fully inform players about the latest offer, but Chicago Blackhawks player Steve Montador told Myers that accusation against Fehr was "laughable."

"It's clearly a tactic to drive a wedge between Don and the players. It's nothing but a reiteration of how strong we are," Montador told Myers. "It's laughable, really, that the league would resort to tactics like this. They locked us out when they didn't have to, and we didn't want it, we've conceded massive amounts of dollars in their favor (this time and seven years ago) and we say enough is enough, and now this. They're trying anything now."

Talks between the two sides were supposed to continue throughout this weekend.