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Patrick Kane's mom is coming to Switzerland with him

Patrick Kane will be joined by his mom in Switzerland when he plays for EHC Biel.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Patrick Kane is the sixth Chicago Blackhawks player to sign with a team overseas, and is the second one from North America. He'll be joining the EHC Biel squad on Sunday, after signing with them on Tuesday during the prolonged NHL lockout. But, and this is hard-hitting stuff, CSN Chicago reports that Kane won't be heading alone, as he'll have his mom to accompany him on his trip:

"I was going to bring dad but I got a text from (my mother) this morning, ‘It's just me and you.' He can't do the nine-hour ride," Kane said. "I'm sure he'll try to watch every game he can. I don't know if she'll be there the whole time, but she'll go over and help me get settled in."

The piece does go on to note that many other players on the Blackhawks might be interested in following Kane (and the other five Blackhawks players to sign overseas), given the state of the league right now. But they all have a lot of things to take care of, such as injuries and their living situation with their family.

After all, it's not likely all of the players can bring their parents along with them, let alone their significant others and potential children. It's unclear if "she'll go over and help me get settled in" means that she'll cook Kane a nice dinner and tuck him in at night, or if he's just happy to have some familiarity overseas.