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Chicago Blackhawks' Dan Carcillo Suspended Indefinitely

Chicago Blackhawks forward Dan Carcillo has been suspended indefinitely by the NHL pending a hearing with the department of player safety regarding a hit the player made during Monday's game against Edmonton, according to Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago. During Monday's 4-3 victory by the Oilers, Carcillo laid a hit upon Edmonton's Tom Gilbert for which he received a five-minute major penalty and a game misconduct.

The play, as described by Rogers:

Carcillo extended his arms in hitting Gilbert into the end boards near the Edmonton net in the second period as both players were racing for the puck. Gilbert tried to brace for the hit, but Carcillo got leverage on him and sent him flying into the boards.

And, additionally, here's video of the hit:

Both players ended up leaving the game with injuries, and the Oilers subsequently scored two goals on the power play that ensured following the hit. Gilbert missed Tuesday's game against Buffalo while recovering, while it's unclear exactly when Carcillo will be allowed to play again. The Blackhawks forward will be serving his sixth suspension of his career and his third suspension of the season.

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