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2012 NHL Skills Competition: Blackhawks' Patrick Kane And Marian Hossa To Compete In A Total Of 5 Events

On Saturday, the 2012 NHL All-Star festivities hit the ice with the skills competition. Both Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa will compete in multiple events, the team announced Friday.

The skills competition features six events: fastest skater, breakaway challenge, accuracy shooting, skills challenge relay, hardest shot and elimination shootout. In each event, the players have opportunities to rack up points for their team, and whichever team finishes with more points is the overall winner of the skills competition.

In the fastest skater competition, five players from each team skate a series of heats to determine who is the fastest.

The breakaway challenge features three skaters and one goaltender from each team. Each skater gets three shot attempts and must earn votes by impressing judges with their best breakaway move.

In the accuracy shooting event, targets are placed in each corner of the goal, and participants must hit those targets in the fastest time possible.

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The skills challenge relay features a series of relays, including the puck control relay, stick handling, one-timers, passing and shooting accuracy. Time is once again the deciding factor.

In the hardest shot competition, players simply fire off shots as hard as they can. The player who finishes with the hardest shot in terms of miles per hour wins this competition.

In the elimination shootout, each player gets one chance to score on a goaltender.

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