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Boston's Recchi Moves Into 12th Place On All-Time Scoring LIst

If Monday was a high point in these last few games on the drive to the playoffs, then Tuesday was definitely the low point. The Hawks, still feeling the loss of Patrick Sharp, were held scoreless by the Bruins on the road. The shutout was Tim Thomas’ ninth of the season, and second in three games.

The Hawks just didn’t look like a team hungry for the playoffs on Tuesday, as they didn’t even get a shot off for nearly half the first period. Playing in his first career game against Boston, Corey Crawford allowed three goals, though also making 31 saves on the night. Most of the Blackhawks’ troubles came from a lack of offense. Beyond the slow start, the team just never quite seemed to get it going, and it was entirely too easy for the Bruins to pad their lead in the second and third periods.

Chicago still sits in a precarious position as the season winds to a close. In the last playoff spot in the West, they really need to gain some points and separation over Calgary and Dallas. But the only way to ensure that is to win consistently, something they seem to be having trouble with in these tough road contests. The Hawks next play at Columbus on Friday evening at 6:00.