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Blackhawks Roster Moves: Boynton, Leddy, Seabrook

In an effort to jump-start the team, the Blackhawks have made a couple of roster moves and are in the process of signing defenseman Brent Seabrook to a five-year contract extension reportedly to be worth over $30 million.


Let's hope this deal doesn't give the Hawks more salary cap troubles next year or in the future. Speaking of the cap, Nick Leddy has been riding the Chicago-to-Rockford shuttle so often he probably knows every leaf on the route; Leddy was recalled to the team and this time, might stick around for a while, because defenseman Nick Boynton, who was waived yesterday, was claimed by the Philadelphia Flyers. It may also be possible that these deals might mean the Blackhawks are still looking to make a trade before Monday's 2 p.m. CST deadline.


No word on whether the Boynton deal includes former CSN Chicago reporter Jen Patterson, who was let go from the network last fall, allegedly because she and Boynton were in a relationship.