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Blackhawks Coach Quenneville Back Behind Bench For Practice After Being Hospitalized For Bleeding Ulcer

Blackhawks Coach Joel Quenneville was back on the ice for practice today, a week after being admitted to the hospital for a bleeding ulcer. Coach Q joked the he was on injured reserve for a week with an upper body injury, but feels great now. The only pain he said he has felt the past week was having to watch the games from a hospital bed. According to Jesse Rogers who covers the Hawks for and writes the Blackhawks blog, Quenneville told him this morning that the ulcer had nothing to do with stress but was due to taking an aspirin a day for many years. An article on Chicago Breaking Sports also says that Quenneville's doctors told him the ulcer had nothing to do with the stress of coaching.

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While he was out, Quenneville says he watched every game, and liked what he saw, aside from Friday's loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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Ulcers are no fun, especially when they start to bleed. Coach Quenneville is lucky that his was caught early and that he's back to work only a week after the discovery. It takes some people a month or more to fully recover, depending on how bad the bleeding from the ulcer is.

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Coach Q, it's great to have you back!