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Blackhawks Coach Joel Quenneville 'Resting Comfortably'

The Blackhawks released a statement on coach Joel Quenneville’s condition this afternoon:

“Joel was originally admitted to the hospital early Wednesday morning due to gastrointestinal bleeding. He has been stabilized and today the cause of the bleeding was determined to be a small ulcer caused by aspirin. He is resting comfortably at the hospital and we anticipate him to make a full recovery and to be released in the next few days. At the appropriate time, we will update everyone regarding his release from the hospital and return to the Blackhawks bench.”

Good to know that nothing is seriously wrong with Coach Q, although one has to wonder if he was taking that aspiring because his team was giving him headaches. (Rimshot!) It doesn’t seem likely he’ll be able to coach tomorrow night’s game against Columbus, though, nor the Sunday afternoon date with the Penguins, if he’s going to remain hospitalized for “a few days”.