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Chicago Blackhawks Vs. St. Louis Blues: Chris Stewart Puts Blues Up 2-1 In 2nd Period

The Chicago Blackhawks are looking to penetrate the icy defense of goalie Brian Elliot and the St. Louis Blues. Midway through the second period, the Blackhawks trail 2-1.

In the 1st period, the Blues made the most out of the least shots, firing only 8 shots on goal, but taking a 1-0 lead. The Blues jumped ahead after a wild fracas around the net resulted in a sprawling Ray Emery for the Blackhawks and a fortuitous bounce for David Perron, who then poked the puck past Emery.

The Blackhawks offense remained aggressive, though, firing 13 unsuccessful shots on the wall-like Elliot. In the second period, however, a hustle play from the Blackhawks saved an icing call, and the Hawks were able to clang the puck off the crossbar for 1-1 tie. The goal was credited to Jonathan Toews for a late deflection.

Unfortunately for Chicago, the Blues benefited from a serious no-call as a would-be tripping penalty went un-noticed and Chris Stewart was able to blast a wrister through the short-handed Blackhawks defense for a 2-1.

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