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Brent Seabrook Injury Update: Chicago Blackhawks Defenseman Expected To Play

The Chicago Blackhawks, playing the vaunted Pittsburgh Penguins Tuesday night, should have the assistance of one their first-line defenseman, Brent Seabrook. After sustaining a harsh blow from Calgary Flames LW Rene Bourque from behind, it appeared Seabrook had been knocked cold and was promptly removed from the game.

However, according to Seabrook, he kept conscious through the hit:

"I remember the whole thing. I got hit and heard [Bourque] say right away that he was sorry. I could hear [Duncan Keith] and [Jonathan Toews] behind me.

"I couldn't get up, so I put my head down and everybody seemed to think that I was knocked out. I think I held my weight pretty good. It was good."

The Blackhawks are expected to start Seabrook Tuesday night after he reported "feeling good" in the morning skate.

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