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Score Update: Chicago Blackhawks, Columbus Blue Jackets Tied 2-2

The Chicago Blackhawks entered the second intermission tied with the Columbus Blue Jackets 2-2.

The Blue Jackets, who have scored more than 2 goals only twice all year, matched the Hawks' score when Derek MacKenzie popped a loose puck past Ray Emery 14:02 into the second period. MacKenzie took advantage of a melee breaking out around the net when the puck slipped away from the four or five icemen near the goalie.

Early in the second period, it appeared the Blackhawks were poised for a 3-1 lead when a shot ricocheted off the top crossbar of the Blue Jackets goal, but video review confirmed the official's on-ice call of no goal. Apparently, after rocketing off the crossbar, the puck then narrowly missed the net, hitting the sidebar and returning harmlessly to the ice.

In the coming third period, the Blackhawks hope to reduce their turnovers -- now standing at 7 giveaways to the Blue Jays 2 -- and put away the seemingly inferior Blue Jays team.

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