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Ducks Vs. Blackhawks Score Update: Scoring Begins, Ducks Lead 2-1

The Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks were scoreless between one period Tuesday night, but both teams found the back of the goal in the second period. The Ducks have done it twice, pushing them ahead of the Blackhawks 2-1 thus far on the road, but the game's final period should be quite the battle.

Anaheim started the scoring by capitalizing on the power play that began near the the end of the first period, with center Ryan Gatzlef scoring for the Ducks roughly 58 seconds into the second period. The Blackhawks spent ten minutes behind the Ducks before getting a goal from Marian Hossa, his fifth of the season, to tie the game back up, 1-1.

That tie didn't last particularly long, though, as the Ducks got another goal about six minutes later, roughly 16 minutes into the second period. It was right wing Teemu Selanne's third goal of the season, giving him another point in tonight's game after assisting Gatzlef's goal earlier in the period.

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