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Jonathan Toews And Duncan Keith Voted To NHL All-Star Game

The NHL, this year, announced a rather convoluted method of selecting players to the All-Star Game, which will be played in Raleigh, North Carolina on Jan. 30. Of the 42 players in the game, six are voted in by fans, and the rest will be chosen by the league, who will then choose two captains. Then the captains will select the rosters -- you know, the way it was when we were kids and all the popular kids were picked first?


Anyway, of the six players voted in, two are Blackhawks: Duncan Keith and Jonathan Toews. Both were quoted by Chicago Breaking Sports:

"It's amazing," said Toews, who will make his second All-Star Game appearance. "It's tough to think I'd be there otherwise if it wasn't for the fan voting so I have the fans to thank for that. I'll try not to disappoint.↵

↵"It's an honor for me and it's a very exciting thing for anyone to go to that game," Toews said. "I enjoyed the last time I got to go (in 2009 in Montreal) and it should be fun this time, too."↵

↵"When you get voted in it's really speical," Keith said. "You grow up as a kid and you're a fan of the game and you always want to be one of those guys. You always play for your team and your teammates, but it's the fans who are the ones who come to the games and they're the ones who make it special to play this game. To be voted by them is a huge honor."

Both players will be appearing in an All-Star Game for the second time. The other four players voted in by fans are: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang and Marc-Andre Fleury, all of the Pittsburgh Penguins -- speaking of popularity contests.