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It's V-E-R-S-T-E-E-G

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Earlier today, The Deep Dish opined that all the names of the champion Blackhawks were engraved correctly on the Stanley Cup.


Turns out that's true -- but it wasn't, originally. The Toronto Star reports that now-ex-Hawk Kris Versteeg's name was misspelled on the Cup:

Kris Versteeg’s name was spelled incorrectly. The “s” and “t” of his surname were transposed.↵

↵“It’s kind of funny. I may never be one of the biggest names in the game but now it’ll go down in history as one of the misspells on the Stanley Cup so I’ll take it,” said Versteeg, who was traded to the Maple Leafs from the champs during the off-season.↵

↵“It’s just a perfect example of my life. Just something crazy and quirky that’s always happening to me.”

Fortunately, they fixed the error; you can see the work above:

Versteeg said the mistake was corrected Monday and he was sent a picture of the new-look Stanley Cup.↵

↵"I think they just kind of punched (the correct letters) over it, you can tell," he said.