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Stanley Cup's Next Stop: Northwestern Football Game Saturday

The latest stop for the Stanley Cup on its offseason tour will be at Ryan Field in Evanston on Saturday before the↵NU/Central Michigan game, in a ceremony honoring Blackhawks chairman↵Rocky Wirtz (a 1975 Northwestern graduate) and president John↵McDonough.

This recognition ceremony is set to take place at↵approximately 10:50 a.m. at midfield.↵

↵"As a native Chicagoan who grew up cheering for the Blackhawks, this↵is a thrill for our fans," said Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald.↵"It's terrific that we can recognize Rocky and John who have been so↵instrumental in leading the Blackhawks back to the top of the NHL.↵There should be plenty of electricity in the stadium on Saturday with↵the Stanley Cup on the field and our students back in the stands."↵

↵Saturday's visit to Ryan Field marks the first public appearance for↵the Stanley Cup since the names of the 2009-10 Blackhawks championship↵team were engraved on the Cup in Montreal this past week.

As of this morning there were still tickets available for↵Saturday's game.