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Blackhawks' Patrick Kane Returns, But Not Before Being Embarrassed

The Blackhawks' Patrick Kane returns to the ice tonight, and not a moment too soon -- the Hawks can really use his talent. But it's his "talent" in another venue that we're going to gently poke fun at here at the Deep Dish. This was originally posted in our Starting Lineup today, but if you missed it, here's a closer look.

Last summer, Kane got on stage at the Jimmy Buffett concert at Toyota Park on Aug. 14 and showed off the Stanley Cup. That's cool -- players and coaches are encouraged to take the Cup to their favorite places and this past summer, the Cup wound up on a mountain in British Columbia, rooftops near Wrigley Field and in France. (Even though Cristobal Huet played in only one playoff game last year.)

It's not that -- it's Kane dancing and pounding on a tambourine. And if that's not funny enough, check out the reactions of his teammates to his dance routine. They then go on to do what they call... "The Kaner Shuffle". Hint: Marty Turco shouldn't dance. OTOH, Troy Brouwer got into it:

There's a larger version of this video after the jump.

Just in case you wanted to see an even larger version of "The Kaner Shuffle".