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Hey, Morin, Go Back To Rockford!

Two games, four shots and two blocks are what young forward Jeremy Morin has to build on. The Chicago Blackhawks returned the nineteen-year-old to the Rockford Ice Hogs today. Morin was called up on Nov. 5.


The move could mean center Dave Bolland, recovering from an upper-body injury, is ready to storm back onto the scene. Or perhaps the leg injury that Morin apparently suffered on Saturday against his former team, the Atlanta Thrashers, was more severe than first thought. Of course, it's also entirely possible that Head Coach Joel Quenneville simply got a long enough look at Morin on the ice and sent him down for further development.


After witnessing yet another home loss last night, Blackhawks fans are staving off panic. The team currently sits in third place in the Western Conference's Central and has struggled to play consistently or establish a strong identity. It should be mentioned, however, that the Blackhawks have played more games at this point (17) than any other team in their division. They'll face the Phoenix Coyotes on Wednesday.