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Blackhawks Just Can't Seem To Get It All Together

This year’s Chicago Blackhawks are not the Stanley Cup winning team the City of Chicago fell in love with last year. They’re not even close, having lost another game, this time last night to the lowly New Jersey Devils. Blame the trades made because of the NHL salary cap. Blame injuries to Marion Hossa, Brian Campbell and Dave Bolland if you want. The bottom line, perhaps becasue there are guys missing games here and there, is there is no chemistry. And what happens to a team with no chemistry? It makes it really hard to win a game. And that’s what the Hawks are finding out.

Last night’s loss against the New Jersey Devils was against a team that is one of the worst in the league. Martin Brodeur, one of the best goal tenders in the league and a future Hall of Famer, faced only eight shots before leaving the game with an injury, and still the Hawks couldn’t capitalize on the situation.

This team needs to come together now, on all three lines, before their adoring fans turn against them. If the fans turn against them, it could get really ugly.