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Fed Ex Won't Do: Former Blackhawks Get Their Rings

All summer, fans and pundits of the Chicago Blackhawks took turns fretting about and/or cheering on the team's aggressive rebuilding efforts following their Stanley Cup win. We obviously still don't know just how successful those efforts will turn out to be -- though four straight wins certainly does take a bit of the pressure off, does it not?

But the flurry of trades executed by general manager Stan Bowman did create another, more specific problem: How do you get all those former players their championship rings?

Clearly, shipping Fed Ex won't cut it. (I mean, the insurance alone ...) So the team's vice president, Alan MacIsacc, flew down to Atlanta today to personally deliver rings to Dustin Byfuglien, Brent Sopel, Andrew Ladd, Ben Eager and John Torchetti. Here's a picture just tweeted from Sopel:


Brent's image included the caption:

Incredible- still can't believe we got the cup!!

It is incredible and, yes, still hard to believe. Congratulations to these five players and all of the members of that amazing team. Now let's go get another one.