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Chicago Bears coaching search: Tom Clements grateful for interview opportunity

Green Bay offensive coordinator Tom Clements is flattered by Chicago's interest in him as a head coaching candidate.

Jonathan Daniel

Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Tom Clements is drawing interest from multiple teams across the league -- including the Chicago Bears. According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Chicago Bears are one of the teams to express interest in Green Bay's play caller.

Per ESPN, Clements is reportedly "flattered" by the interest, but insists his focus remains on preparing his Packers offense to compete against the Minnesota Vikings' defense this Saturday night, in the NFL's Wild Card round.

Prior to being named Green Bay's offensive coordinator in 2012, Clements served as Green Bay's quarterback coach between 2006-12 and helped develop Aaron Rodgers into the MVP-caliber quarterback that he is today.

After Chicago's offense struggled again in 2012, the Bears may opt for an offensive mind to take over as the team's head coach, after nearly a decade of a defensive-minded coach in Lovie Smith.

The Bears are unable to formally interview Clements until after Green Bay's game against Minnesota, which is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Saturday night.