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Bears vs. Cowboys: Chicago enters as league leaders in sacks

The Chicago Bears have already amassed 14 sacks this season -- the most for the team through three games since 1987 -- and the Bears are hoping they can stay atop the standings in that category. It might not be quite as easy to get to Tony Romo, but Chicago's defense has shown that it's ready to pressure quarterbacks this year.

The Bears are two sacks ahead of every other team in the NFL and a whopping four sacks ahead of the Seattle Seahawks, a surprising statistic for those who were able to watch this week's Monday Night Football game.

Defensive end Julius Peppers says that the reason Chicago is so far ahead of everyone else, though, is due to the depth that the Bears have on the defensive side of the football.

"It's been good. It's been good," defensive end Julius Peppers said before amending his evaluation. "It's been OK. I probably said it about 50 times already but we have a little bit more depth. Guys got better since last year, we have a good rotation that keeps us fresh and the end result is shown in the stats."

Eight different Bears players have at least one sack this season and, although it helps that the team was able to get to St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford six times, there's no indication that Chicago's sack-masters are going to slow down anytime soon.