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Jay Cutler: "Style points" will come later

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Jay Cutler says the Bears' goal is to score points – either ugly or fancy will do

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

During his weekly radio show on Monday, quarterback Jay Cutler reinforced the Chicago Bears' belief that putting points on the board is more important than doing it "in style". The Bears' offense hasn't looked good so far this season, ranking just 27th in the NFL in total offense.

The passing game hasn't been a particularly bright spot either, as the Bears rank just 28th in the NFL in that regard. On "The Jay Cutler Show," Cutler said (via ESPNChicago):

We're just not there yet to get style points. We're just still trying to get regular points. We'll get style points later. Right now we're just learning the offense, everyone is getting comfortable, we're finding our identity.

The Bears' passing attack will have their chance to show improvement Monday night at the Dallas Cowboys.

Cutler has completed just 52.7% of his passes so far this season, a mark which puts him ahead of only three other starting quarterbacks.

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