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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler: Tice "getting better and better"

The Bears are not winning style points, but they are winning games.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, appearing on his weekly radio show, reiterated his support for offensive coordinator Mike Tice.

Although the Bears won on Sunday, and are now 2-1, their offense has looked shaky. Cutler has averaged just 214 passing yards per game. Still, Cutler is not discouraged:

"I think he's getting better and better each week, and he's putting more and more into it. He's taking more advice and learning on the run, and I think he's doing a great job. It's not an easy job ... It's a tough job, it really is, to call plays and be 2-3 plays ahead of it."

Mike Tice is in his first year as the Bears' offensive coordinator, stepping in for Mike Martz. Previously, he served as Chicago's offensive line coach and head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

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