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Jay Cutler's Jersey Burned In Chicago Bar By Chris Chelios

We're only three weeks into the season, and the Chicago Bears have won more games than they've lost, but fans in the Windy City are already getting antsy about the up-and-down play of quarterback Jay Cutler. For the most part, Cutler is doing the same things that Cutler has always done, but apparently that's too much for some fans.

Take former Blackhawks player Chris Chelios, for example. According to this video posted by TMZ, the NHL legend torched a Cutler jersey inside of a bar in downtown Chicago on Sunday night:

Now, to be clear, it's not entirely, 100-percent obvious that Chelios is in fact the person in the video lighting things on fire in an enclosed space. But going beyond the general problems relating to indoor, fire-related rituals, now would admittedly seem to be an odd time for fans to turn so strongly against Cutler.

For all of the problems that the quarterback has seemingly had this season, from his standard on-field issues to more novel stuff like his incident with J'Marcus Webb, the Bears are still staring at an above-.500 record with 13 games left in the season.

Basically, before the end of the season, things could end up getting way, way uglier. Bears fans shouldn't forget the horrors of Chicago's offense sans Cutler last season. It's only September, and there are still a million ways to imagine things going very well for the Bears this season, even if the ship is showing some cracks.

Here's what I'm wondering: if you're holding public jersey burnings in September when your team has an above-.500 record, what happens in December if things don't seem so rosy? Maybe Bears fans will just tire themselves out by November?

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