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St. Louis Rams Talk A Lot Of Trash, According To Bears

Reflecting on Sunday's 23-6 victory, a few Chicago Bears players discussed the St. Louis Rams' penchant for trash talking with reporters on Monday, ESPN Chicago's Scott Powers writes. The players did note that St. Louis's play wasn't generally perceived as dirty, though.

Last week, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III criticized Rams players for dirty play, but Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher didn't see them crossing the line on Sunday:

They definitely play to the whistle, I'll give them that. They play hard to the whistle every time. Today wasn't that bad. There are some things on film you see, but today didn't seem that bad. There was a little bit of yapping, but that's going to happen every game.

Bears offensive lineman Chilo Rachal agreed with Urlacher:

I think that's [the Rams] game plan to get in guys' heads. It's dumb. It's foolish... I wouldn't necessarily call them dirty. Because I'm on the line, I don't get to see everything. I just think they talk a lot of trash, but as far as dirty, I didn't get to really see any of that.

The Bears rebounded from their first loss of the season to play well against the Rams, limiting St. Louis to just a pair of field goals.

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