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Brian Urlacher Says There's No Mutiny Against Jay Cutler, Doesn't Care About On-Field Altercations

After Jay Cutler's poor performance against the Green Bay Packers and run-in with left tackle J'Marcus Webb, there have been rumors that the Chicago Bears quarterback is becoming the target of a "mutiny." Cutler completed 11 of 27 passes for 126 yards and threw four interceptions against the Packers. During the game, Cutler berated Webb and gave him a light shove before walking off.

If there is a mutiny in the Bears' locker room, linebacker Brian Urlacher isn't aware of it.

"Someone told me there was a mutiny against Jay in our locker room. If there was, I didn't know about it. I guess we're supposed to be mad at him, but things happen on the sideline. I've gotten into spats with coaches, players, as well. It's just what happens in the NFL. People get pissed off and sometimes do things we shouldn't do, but it happened.''

Urlacher said incidents between teammates, whether in a game or practice aren't a big deal and that they happen all the time.

"It's just like a fight in practice. It's in practice, who cares?'' Urlacher said. "You guys probably see us fight in training camp every year. So what? After the practice is over, you are in the locker room and you're buddies again. It's not a big deal."

Cutler and his teammates have dismissed the incident, saying it is a "dead issue."

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