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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler Has Faith In J'Marcus Webb

Although he hardly exemplified his feelings last Thursday in a loss to the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler went on his radio program on Tuesday to inform fans that he still has complete faith in starting left tackle J'Marcus Webb.

"Have to, have to (have faith in Webb)," Cutler said on air via "For me to be successful at my job, I’ve got to have faith in him, and I’ve got to believe each week that he’s going to do his part, and it’s going to allow me to do mine."

Cutler was sacked twice against the Packers on blocks missed specifically by Webb, and was later seen shouting at his offensive lineman on the sideline in frustration as the two men bumped shoulders.Though it's common for teammates to jaw at one another during a game, Cutler appeared truly annoyed with his left tackle just days ago.

Despite being listed as the team's starter in Week 3 at left tackle, Webb's vote of confidence from his quarterback could be short lived if the pass-blocking struggles continue on Sunday against the Rams.

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