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Jay Cutler Should Have Apologized To J'Marcus Webb, Says Troy Aikman

Plenty of folks are weighing in about Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler's very visible berating of teammate and offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb last week during a miserable performance against Green Bay. That would include former NFL star quarterback Troy Aikman.

Aikman told a Chicago radio station (as reported by the Chicago Tribune) that Cutler would be wise to apologize to Webb. Cutler also bumped Webb, and later apologized for that, but has backed away from any apology to his teammate for ripping into him. He said both he and Webb have talked about the incident and put it behind them.

Said Aikman:

I would say that whether J'Marcus acknowledges it or not or regardless of what he may or may not say publicly, my guess is that’s something that probably upset him and maybe upset and offended some of the other teammates."

The Bears host the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

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