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Chicago Bears Bring In 5 Linebackers For Tryouts

The Chicago Bears brought in five linebackers for workouts on Tuesday, fueling suspicion that the team is unsatisfied with its depth at that position. The five linebackers were Spencer Adkins, Rennie Curran, Jerry Franklin, Omar Gaither and Lawrence Wilson, most of whom were cut by their respective teams prior to this season. The team also worked out DBs Dante Hughes and Bryan McCann.

Though the Bears working out these players may seem like a signal that a move is imminent, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune says that it's in fact a pretty routine procedure.

First of all, a lot of teams do this and many more so than the Bears. They will bring players in - sometimes as many as two dozen - and get a look at them in a workout. The Patriots are notorious for bringing in large numbers of players for tryouts. It helps them update personnel information on players they have only seen in college or players they have only seen on tape with other teams.

It is, as Biggs elaborates, more about due diligence and being prepared for the future than anything.

The tryouts help the personnel department sharpen up emergency lists and allow it to evaluate young players that could be candidates for the practice squad.

Chicago expects to have one of the better defenses in the NFL, but injuries can strike teams at a moment's notice.

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