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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler Is Strangely Proud Of His Performance Vs. Packers

Though he completed only about 40 percent of his passes and tossed four interceptions, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler revealed on ESPN 1000's "The Jay Cutler Show" on Tuesday that he was still impressed with his own play in a Week 2 loss to the Packers.

"Looking back at that game and watching it, I'm actually proud of that game," Cutler said Tuesday. "I thought I fought, I thought I competed hard. I made a few errant throws, but whenever we got what we were looking for, I put the ball on the money for the most part."

The seventh-year quarterback currently sports a woeful 58.5 quarterback rating after just two starts, and already has five interceptions on the year compared to just three touchdowns. Considering that he only passed for 126 yards in his team's 13-point loss and completed 11 of his 27 passes, it's borderline illogical for Cutler to say he's happy with this type of performance.

Chicago fans clearly won't be too enamored with Cutler's comments on Tuesday, and it's hard to imagine that teammates won't feel the same way. For as hard as he has tried to appear more likable in a leadership role, Cutler doesn't appear to be doing himself any favors by saying stuff like this.

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