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J'Marcus Webb Responds To Poor Play With Positive Facebook Status

The Packers defense had plenty of success against Jay Cutler and the Bears offense, but perhaps the single player that they took advantage of most was offensive tackle J'Marcus Webb. The starting left tackle for the Bears was utterly out-matched when he lined up against Clay Matthews, allowing 3.5 sacks to the three-time Pro Bowler.

The performance led to a confrontation from Cutler who was seen by cameras yelling at Webb, eventually bumping into the offensive lineman intentionally. Webb updated his Facebook status on Friday, reflecting on the loss in a positive way:

"There Is Nothing Like Having A Bad Game, But When You Have It, You Have To Deal With It Correctly. It's Not How One Deals With A Win. How Does One Deal With A Loss Or Bad Game? I'm No Different Than You. Time To Prepare. Go Bears!"

While an ESPN analyst on Around the Horn called the status update "cryptic" and intimated that it could be referring to Cutler's inability to deal with the situation correctly, the final 10 words seem to negate that possibility.

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