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Jay Cutler Draws Criticism With Post-Game Comments After Loss To Packers

In a 23-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had a bad night and didn't exactly hide his frustration of the field. Sacked seven times on the night and consistently under pressure, Cutler was seen yelling at and intentionally bumping into J'Marcus Webb, the starting left tackle for the Bears.

It was a sequence of events that did not impress Hall of Fame quarterback and co-host of FOX NFL Sunday, Terry Bradshaw. "I like him, I think he's a great talent," Bradshaw said on WSCR-AM 670's "McNeil and Spiegel Show." "I do not like -- I'm telling you I'll go right on the record -- I do not like calling out my linemen and bumping them and screaming and hollering because you've got all these cameras watching." (via the Chicago Tribune)

"This is a guy I've never met and I've heard so many things negatively about Jay," Bradshaw said. "His body language for a person that's never met him suggests he's not a person I really want to meet, but that's kind of a silly thing. I'd really like to sit down with him and I'd have a better understanding of what makes him tick. I think just by talking to him but ... I just sometimes, I don't understand."

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