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Bears QB Jay Cutler Pleads His Case After Rough Start Vs. Packers: 'I Care About This'

Jay Cutler isn't going to have many nice things said about him over the course of the next 10 days, especially not after the way he performed during the Chicago Bears' 23-10 loss against the Green Bay Packers. Four interceptions in a big game against a division rival isn't going to cut it if the Bears hope to compete at an elite level this season, and while the offense line can be blamed for some of the problems, there is still plenty of criticism that can be aimed at Cutler for his performance on Thursday.

Jay took his frustration to the podium after the game, but he did make an effort to communicate his desire to win amid an otherwise unflattering post-game interview process. Here is what Cutler had to say about his passion for the game after the team's loss against the Packers (via CSN-Chicago):

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