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Mike Martz In Your Ears: Former Bears Offensive Coordinator Now On-Air Talent

Stand back ladies and gentle giants; Mike Martz -- he of the Greatest Show on Turf and of the Other Show on Whatever Soldier Field Calls Its Grass -- will now be an NFL game analyst for FOX. This marks his second foray into the shining world of television, but his first time adding commentary of color live, during a game. Like an actual game. Live.

Questions remain about the impending new role with FOX. For instance, will QB Jay Cutler still have a chance to tell Martz to go [expletive] himself? Will former quarterbacks working with Martz get sacked while in the booth? Will Martz roundly criticize the use of tight ends?

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We can only assume "Yes" to all of those questions, but we will not know for certain until Martz makes his glittering debut September 9 when the Carolina Panthers (and Greg Olsen) take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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