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Bears Training Camp 2012: OT James Brown, Chicago Native, Among Preseason Surprises

In his most recent column, Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times listed the biggest surprises in the 2012 Chicago Bears training camp, and Chicago-born OT James Brown has made the cut at No. 2. According to Brown, he is just delighted to be playing for his native team:

"I was born in Chicago, so this has been my favorite team since Day 1," Brown said. "This has been a gift from God."

And in addition to being grateful for playing with the Bears, Brown is also happy to be suddenly on the second-string line, despite coming in as an undrafted free agent:

"That was a very big surprise," Brown said. "I found out right before we came out here on the field. I’m feeling pretty good. I’m learning more and more every day."

Brown will have his first shot to play against an NFL defensive line on Thursday, as the Bears open their preseason schedule against the Denver Broncos.

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